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Disability Insurance

Disability insurance pays out a monthly cash payment to partly replace any lost income, while you are recovering from an illness or injury.

This helps minimize the financial and emotional impact of not receiving your paycheck.


How will you live if you cannot work? Here’s how disability insurance can help. Disability insurance protects your greatest asset – your earning power.

It helps cover your loss of income by providing you with a monthly benefit should you find yourself unable to work, for a certain period of time, due to an accident or illness.

Is disability insurance for you?

Disability insurance is not just for the self-employed. You may have group disability insurance coverage at work (often called long-term (LTD) or short-term disability), but you need to understand what your group plan offers. This means you will have to find out:

You need to ask yourself if the amount of money you expect to get from your group disability insurance is enough to cover your monthly expenses in case you get sick or injured? If it is not enough, then you may want to consider getting your own disability insurance.

It is also important to understand government plans such as the CSST. This plan only covers certain types work-related accidents. As an example, if you fall off your bike on the weekend and can't work for a long time, since it wasn't a work-related injury, it will not be covered under CSST’s Compensation.

In addition, unemployment insurance sickness benefits only cover up to a maximum of 15 weeks. What happens if you still cannot work after that runs out? This is where disability insurance can help to maintain your financial responsibilities under control.