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Life Insurance without medical exams

Life insurance is an essential precautionary measure used to ensure the financial security of your family. Life insurance without a medical examination will help cover funeral costs, pay off debts or leave an estate to your heirs.

There are life insurance policies available for those who already have specific medical conditions such as past or current cancer, heart disease, severe or excess weight, a criminal record, or for those who simply do not wish to undergo medical tests or respond to a complete medical questionnaire. Some need same-day protection.

Life insurance without medical examination is intended, amongst other reasons, for people who:

  • Have health problems (current or past).
  • Are difficult to insure due to a dangerous job or play dangerous sports.
  • Dislike blood tests or medical exams.
  • Do not wish to answer questions about their judicial (or other) file.
  • Want to be insured quickly.

To simplify the process and still offer protection to consumers, insurance companies do offer a simplified way to obtain life insurance. Although you will still have to answer a few questions, this is only there to filter out extreme cases.



  • Some Guaranteed Issue Life Insurances have FIXED PREMIUMS for life.
  • Instant acceptance, most life insurance contracts without medical examination are activated immediately.
  • Coverage that will help your loved one to pay for your last expenses, guaranteed issued Life Insurance coverage will offer enough coverage to pay for your funeral costs and more.
  • Easy application, it is easy to buy life insurance without a medical exam. Most companies will offer a complete online experience from A to Z. Normally, you must answer a few questions and then you’re good to go! The insurer will send you a confirmation upon receipt of your request.
  • Most insurers offer coverage until 70 years old. Most companies offering Guaranteed issued Life Insurance will insure clients up to age 70. Subscribe before it’s too late! Fortunately, guaranteed issue life insurance is available up to age 70. Remember that the prices get higher and higher the longer you wait! (see table below).

Our tool allows you to find a broker and access the price comparisons to get you the best life insurance without medical exams.

It is essential to take the time to compare prices on the market, especially for life insurance without medical examination. Our partners are insurance brokers from across the province working for you. One of these partners will look into your case to find a proposal based on your needs.


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